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AS Cmielow

At Fabryka Porcelany AS ∆mielów, the artisan craftsmanship and the traditional porcelain production methods have been combined with the best Polish design, turning porcelain products into true works of art. Each creation is characterized by a combination of elegance, style and timeless design.


Fabryka Porcelany AS ∆mielów specialized in high quality handmade porcelain.  
Fabryka Porcelany AS ∆mielów is a manufactory that cultivates traditions of  '¶wit' Manufactory. Porcelain has been in production in ∆mielów since 1804. After the privatization in 1996, name has been changed and reads as follows AS Cmielow Porcelain Manufactory. Continuing a long tradition, we produce miniature porcelain sculptures, which mostly were designed in the late Fifties and Sixties in IWP Institute in Warsaw. They archived a great success, nowadays galleries all over the world are proud to have the ∆mielów figurines in their collections. After a break in production of nearly forty years the present owners have literally recovered the original moulds and started the production again in the year 2000. Nowadays the figurine find enthusiasts all over the World.

Their unique design makes them recognizable. Undoubtedly they shape were inspired by the work of Picasso and Henry Moore. The ∆mielów collection includes figures in bright vibrant colours as well as the monochrome shades so reminiscent of the periods fashion. There are wonderful stylish cats, elegant giraffes, colourful African women, Girls in the fashions of the time and much, much more! Overall their appearance very retro and appear quite modern to us today. They are extremely fashionable for the present market.

The sculptors who created all the designs originally in ∆mielów have spread throughout the World and some have become famous in their own right. They include one of the founders of the Emotionalism Art Movement - Lubomir Tomaszewski and Hanna Orthwein, Henryk JÍdrasiak, Mieczys≥aw Naruszewicz and others.


Every porcelain product is wrapped in a paper with logo and placed in a elegant, black gift box (cardboard box). In the package with the product will be dedicated certificate of authenticity.


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